Layer Up


I samarbete med Monki.

Flora Wiström,

1. What are you most excited about for autumn?

I’m moving to San Francisco! Or maybe it’s called a vacation when it’s only three months? Anyway, I’m so excited. And terrified. And excited.

2. How do you deal with unpredictable autumnal weather?

I stack the freezer with ice cream and call in sick. Since I’m my own boss, I’m a very kind one and say ”It’s OK Flora, you’re my best employee. Take the day off and get well soon.”

Flora Wiström,

3. What is your favourite autumn item to shop for?

Coats and jackets! I can’t seem to get enough of them. At the moment I’m looking for a vintage suede coat in camel. I want to wear it with my wide 70’s jeans.

4. Who is your autumn/winter style muse?

I always go back to Jane Birkin. I’ve pinned so many pictures of her, it’s crazy.

Flora Wiström,

5. Who/what inspires you (style-wise) in your city?

It’s almost creepy how well people dress in Stockholm. I’m like ”Allright, I give up, I can’t measure myself with you guys.” I love to stroll around and just watch people.

6. What has been your most interesting/weird layering combo?

When I was a kid, I always wore a spaghetti strap top over my long sleeved t-shirt. I want to do that again.

Flora Wiström,

7. What is the most amount of layers you’ve ever worn at once?

I used to live on the countryside when I was younger. Every morning, I would stand at the bus stop at 7 AM and shiver from the cold. The sky was black as the inside of a hat and it was freezing. To endure the winter I had to wear tons of clothes. I’m guessing, maybe 8 layers?

8. What is your favourite kind of layer? 

Vegetarian lasagna with layers of zucchini, eggplant, tomato sauce, pasta and tons of cheese. And oh, my boyfriend on top of me.

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